About Us

Our Mission is to explore the concept that the brain can be treated by physical means that are not chemical and non-invasive. We believe that with the exploration of the relationship between cognition and neural activity, an innovative and informed approach to non-invasive neuromodulation is possible. Our dedicated team of neuroscientists and physicians believe in delivering individualized treatment in order to achieve a healthier life for people with various neurological issues.

Dr. Julie Kim - Medical Director

A board-certified internist with over two decades of medical experience, Dr. Julie Kim is the Medical Director of the Brain Treatment Center in San Diego and our Cardiff Braincare Performance Center. She also serves as Medical Director for the original Flagship Brain Treatment Center in Newport Beach. Over the past decade, Dr. Kim has treated over 5,000 patients with MeRT (Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy). In fact, she was one of the first doctors to work with MeRT technology and is the most experienced MeRT clinician in the world. Because of her expertise and experience, Dr. Kim co-created the initial safety protocols and physician training programs and has worked with Wave Neuroscience to train and support other physicians. In the past four years alone, she has trained over 100 physicians to interpret qEEG results and use the full MeRT protocols.

Stacey Walke - Clinic Manager

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Blake Sarnowski - Neurotechnician

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Katie Larson - Neurotechnician

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Annika - Neurotechnician

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