There are countless benefits to an optimized mind.

Once you understand your brainwaves we can help you become the best version of yourself. 


The benefits of sleep.


Optimal brainwave activity can help reinforce healthy SLEEP activity.

When we talk about all the advantages of personalized brain optimization, sleep quality is what we consider a "downstream" benefit. When sleep is improved, so many other cognitive functions are rejuvenated. Then when regular optimization is introduced, brain function is fortified even more and the additional benefits like focus, memory, and mood are felt. 


You gain FOCUS when brainwave patterns synchronize.

Throughout the day your brainwave activity fluctuates. When it comes time to focus it's necessary to have your brainwaves synchronize in one particular rhythm- Alpha. Our personalized neuromodulation hones in on your alpha brainwaves to encourage ideal neuron communication.


Who doesn't want to be in a better MOOD all the time?

Conflicting brainwave activity may interfer with proper neuron communication. This can result in issues with emotional regulation effecting your overall mood. Our neuromodulation entrains all of your neurons to "be on the same page" which reduces interference.

What they're saying...


I've never felt this level of restorative sleep. I mean I haven't slept like this in years. Treatment got me into that deep regenerative sleep that I needed in order to perform and be there for my athletes.

JJ Thomas

Professional Snowboarder, US Olympic Snowboard Coach

It all starts with a safe and simple 10-minute brainwave recording.

Brainwave Recording Session
Brainwave Recording Session

Brainwave Recording Session

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