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We utilize technology developed by Wave Neuro that is  backed by more than 4 dozen patents.



Our technology is a platform to restore the mind

Through the measurement and analysis of your brainwave activity, we identify disruptions to your brain network and build treatment parameters specifically tailored to your needs. In most cases we can visibly reshape brainwave activity, regardless of what may have caused the disruption to begin with.

The MeRT platform is a patent protected process that is currently undergoing rigorous research by the Department of Defense and several private institutions.

Mr.Courtney Henry


Your neurons can be disrupted by many things.

The quality of behavior between your neurons can be disrupted by many things; you may have a: 

- Sleep disorder
- Congenital condition
- Chemical trauma / addiction 
- An acute injury to the head
- High amounts of stress / emotional trauma

Disruptions can be minor or significant - everyone has different thresholds of tolerance, but what is amazing is that with a little nudging in the right direction, the brain can be improved.

Marvin McKinney

Founder & CEO

Personalization Matters.

By personalizing treatment to each individual’s Intrinsic Alpha Frequency (IAF) our technology simply encourages naturally occurring brainwave patterns as opposed to potentially pushing the brain to an unnatural state. By treating to the individuals IAF we are able to stimulate at a much lower percentage to motor threshold. This in turn creates a more pleasant treatment experience and minimizes the side effects of traditional TMS.

Wave Neuroscience’s ground-breaking personalized technology has changed the landscape for mental health treatment.

In a world where one-size-fits-all brain stimulation (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS) is the norm, EEG (Pictured) is the key that allows us to separate from the pack. The technology- MeRT (Magnetic eResonance Therapy) we use is an eco-system of machine learning algorithms based on an extensive database of EEG recordings, all processed and validated by the Wave Neuro Department of Data Science. This robust technology delivers personalized Braincare protocols for life-changing outcomes for our clients.

Marvin McKinney

Founder & CEO

Utilized and tested by best-in-class leaders.

FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS Wave Neuro’s technology that powers our center has been rigorously validated by the most prestigious institutions in the United States.