Get better sleep

A great sleep night after night is one of the best things you can ever ask for. It's also one of the most common changes that users of our technology report after use.

Sharpen your focus

There are so many things in life competing for your attention. With Braincare you can focus on what matters most to you.

Improve your mood

With better sleep and focus, it shouldn't be a surprise that you're a pleasure to be around!

Our Braincare process

Technology research partners

Braincare™ ambassadors

Victor Ko

"I found it to be a very effective treatment. My cognition took off during that period and it hasn't slowed down since."

Nick Hardwick

K.a Joben

"Braincare Performance Center represents hope to me, hope that there is a better life - that you don't have to just exist, that you can start living again."

Britt slabinski

Richard Bauer

"After getting my EEG it was so surreal hearing details about my brain's strengths and how it works. They told me details about my personality not even my wife knows, all from a few charts and graphs."

Shane dorian

Reveal the specialized path to realigning and retraining your brain’s functional network and achieve peak mental performance in just 10-minutes.

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